Amgad Salih, a 19 year old student from Peckham who is studying at the University of Oxford, shared this picture that his friend organised. They recreated the typical Oxford Bullingdon picture but with black students, to show black representation and inspire more Peckham people.


Vacancy for a cover supervisor to join our support staff.


We’re looking for an ambitious SEND teacher to join our amazing team!


A fantastic opportunity to join a highly successful and forward-thinking English department!


Thank you to Paul Jones who went above and beyond to ensure students were supported with grade appeals!


Just sent you a DM.


An incredible achievement by Gyalpo Dongo Aguirre who will be making America great again by studying Physics and Computer Science at Well done, Gyalpo!


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Fantastic results, Neha! Welcome to community and !


Well done to Neha Yasin for achieving 4 A*s today. She will be reading Physics . We wish you all the best for the next stage in your life!


Well done to all students in Year 13 today. We’re really proud of all of your achievements and you have shown great resilience in such a challenging year.


Huge congratulations to Amgad Salih who is on his way to to read Economics. We’re so proud of you!


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Admin Officer in Info/Apply:


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There are only 2 days left for eligible families to register for Free School Meals and access support through the COVID Summer Food Fund. - RT and find out more here:


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Calling all students from , , , and who joined the virtual workshop earlier today - here's a reminder of the simple advice to check the sources in an online news story 👇


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'Is it REAL?' The question we asked to students from , , , , and who joined us for our navigating news workshop earlier today. Thanks to Team for organising!


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Come on Take on Ru's Boccia Challenge- let's see what you have in your locker!


Meet the staff at HABS. First up is the incredible Mr Reid, Year Lead for Year 7: Tweet us if you have any questions for him!


Dear parents and guardians. Click here if you would like the details for uniform purchase and for a checklist of what to buy for September:


Please check the Transition pages of our website for all updates and news for the incoming Year 7 students: There is a page for parents and a page for students. We are VERY excited to meet you all!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Covid-19 - Updates From the Principal

On this page, I will update you with key information relating to the school and Covid-19, so that you always have the latest details in one place.

Staggered start and finish times

Please see details of the staggered start and finish times for each year group, from Monday 23rd November. We have changed the times slightly to reduce the length of the school day as the dark nights set in.

Timings of the Day HABS

LeighLatest Update - Face Masks: 16th October 2020

Dear Parent/Carers,

We are very much looking forward to having students back at school on 2nd November 2020. The start times that will apply for all year groups are listed below:

On Monday 2nd November. On this day only the start times will be:

  • Year 7 and Year 8: 9:50-10:10am entrance to school. Lesson starts at 10:10am.
  • Year 9 and Year 10: 10:20-10:40am entrance to school. Lesson starts at 10:40am.
  • Year 11 and Years 12/13: 10:40-11am entrance to school. Lesson starts at 11am.

Please do not send your child to school before this time as there will be no supervision on site.

From Tuesday 3rd November the timings will return to normal.

  • Year 7 and Year 8: 8:30-8:50am entrance to school. Lesson starts at 8:50am
  • Year 9 and Year 10: 9:00-9:20am entrance to school. Lesson starts at 9:20am
  • Year 11 and Years 12/13: 9:20-9:40am entrance to school. Lesson starts at 9:40am

Please do not send your child to school before this time as there will be no supervision on site.

As you will have seen on the news, London is set to move into Tier 2 of the Government’s Covid alert system from midnight tonight. 

For all of us, this means that there is a ban on mixing with other households indoors. When schools return after half-term, as per the guidance we have received from the government, students in all London secondary schools will be required to wear face coverings in communal areas, such as when entering the building and in corridors. They will need to remove their face coverings when they get to their classroom and store them safely in clear bags.

Some students had been wearing face coverings in communal areas anyway, but whilst London is in ‘Tier 2’ everybody should – this is now mandatory. We recognise that some individuals are exempt from wearing face coverings, such as if they have a physical or mental impairment that prevents them from using one: if you are unsure whether this applies to your child, please contact us.  Likewise, if obtaining a face covering poses a financial difficulty for your family, please let us know and we will provide one. Please email

Yours sincerely,

Paula Leigh, Principal

Please click HERE for the latest government guidance on what parents and carers need to know about returning to school in the autumn term.

Download our Student Guide to Returning to HABS, with lots of useful information about returning to school.

Paula Leigh, Principal

What to do if...

Download a helpful guide which explains clearly what you need to do if, for example, your child has Covid-19 symptoms, tests positive, or someone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms.

Click HERE to download our guide to Covid-related pupil absense.



PE Kit - When students should wear it

We are pleased to be able to offer active PE lessons once again from the 21st September. The week beginning Monday 21st September all year 7 & 8 students will be expected to wear their kit to school on the day they have PE and remain in kits for the duration of that day. The reason for this is to ensure all students can still participate in active PE lessons but do this as safely as possible. Arriving in PE kits will remove the risk of students changing in communal areas.

The timetable below will show you when your son/daughter has PE and that will be the only day your child can wear their PE kit to school. Please support the school by ensuring students do not wear kit on any other day. Students will also be informed of this timetable and a sanction will apply if students wear their PE kit on any day where they do not have PE.































It must be noted that if students are wearing their uniform on the day they have PE, they will need to do PE in full uniform. We will not be providing the option of changing. This is for the safety of students.

Please click HERE to read our letter to parents with more information.

If after reading the letter you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:.    Mr Palmer AD FOR PE      Mr Furlong Yr. 7&8 PE Teacher

Letters to parents

Below you can see the letters sent to parents about September reopening arrangements.

Keeping our community safe

Once pupils are in school, they will wash their hands regularly, including before they eat, and they will wash them again before they leave. They will also be placed in a protective bubble with the rest of their year group. Bubbles will not come into contact with each other, which will help to reduce the risk of an outbreak and minimise the number of children who have to isolate in the event that there is a case.

In addition to all of these measures, which are very much focused on safety, we also well prepared in terms of securing the wellbeing and academic progress of pupils. Every child, and every home, has had a different experience with lockdown and home learning. We recognise that there will be learning gaps to be filled and have planned a ‘recovery’ curriculum for the autumn term so that everyone has the chance to catch up.  We will also ensure there is time devoted to the emotional wellbeing of pupils. In preparation for this, Some teachers are completing a ten week Mindfulness course and all members of staff have completed training run by an organisation called Trauma Informed Schools UK. These two training courses will allow us to be responsive to the needs of all the children when they return to school.

Obviously, if your son or daughter has any symptoms they should stay at home. Likewise, the government guidance says that if there is a confirmed case within a bubble, then all other children in that group need to isolate for fourteen days.

No matter what your experience of lockdown, parents have been terrific: on behalf of all staff, we want to thank you for everything you have done to support your children’s success over this period, and to support our school.

Yours faithfully,

Paula Leigh