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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.



Welcome to Harris Academy Battersea

Dr D Moody

My aim for Harris Academy Battersea is simple: to afford our students the outstanding education they deserve and deliver to them every chance of the successes that should rightfully be theirs. In pursuit of this we are now one of the top 10 schools in the entire country for the new national measure of Progress 8 at GCSE – an achievement that our students and staff should be immensely proud. Against a national average of 0, and a requirement of 0.5 to be rated outstanding, the students at Harris Academy Battersea achieved an incredible Progress 8 score of 1.31. We are the top school in Wandsworth and when national data is released in October have every reason to believe that we will be the top school in London. Alongside this, an incredible 96% of our students achieved and A*-C in English with 97% of all students achieving 5A*-C grades. We are also the highest performing Sixth Form in the Wandsworth with well over 80 per cent of our grades at a ‘C’ grade or above and over half of our grades at a ‘B’ grade.
We are not a school that will ever stand still. We have nearly doubled the A*-C pass rate in the two years since the school converted to a new Academy and are one of the most rapidly improved schools in the country. An increase from 44% A*-C including English and Maths to 80% in only two years.
We wish to transform the lives of our students so that they can fulfil every inch of their potential and talent. I want every student to experience success, the hard-fought kind that comes after you have given everything in the pursuit of goals that you may have once doubted as out of reach, and I want them to flourish because of it. I could not be more proud of the individuals who walk through the gates of our school every morning; each day their heads are a little higher and they are standing a little taller because of what they achieved the day before. The students in our school are ambassadors for what all young people should aspire to be; they are a group of students who give their all and rise to every challenge that is ever put in front of them. And the staff, just like the students will always aim to better themselves. We wish to be role models for the brilliant people with whom we work and we have no desire to be just an outstanding school. We want to be one of the most outstanding schools in the whole country and provide for your children the future they deserve.

This is the community’s school and should you ever wish to visit and see it for yourself then you are more than welcome. Equally, should you wish to apply then please do so by clicking here.

All the very best

Dr David Moody