Congratulations to the HABS boys' and girls' basketball teams. The boys won vs Ark Putney and Chestnut Grove with 16-2 & 15-7 and the girls won vs Harris Clapham with 55-28! Most importantly they played for each other and supported each other.


Congratulations to the incredible Y7's who participated in the Harris Spelling Bee! Your resilience and outstanding sportsmanship throughout the 5 challenging rounds are truly commendable. You've not only showcased your spelling prowess but also set a shining example of teamwork!


Well done, to HABS KS5 students who have raised more than £200 for Doctors without Borders to support them with aiding medical care across the world in places of conflict!


Big thank you to for helping our wonderful student, Chelsea, to tick this off her bucket list! She got to watch the game, meet the team, and received a signed Hockey stick by the players! Big shout out to Graham for organising!


So thrilled to share the achievements of 6 formers who were rewarded an Ice-Skating trip. It was a celebration of their proactive approach in seeking extracurricular opportunities and dedicated efforts towards personal development. Massive well done to our students!


Enjoy the following stills from the Year 11 Drama Component 2 Final Performance. Students put on a show of their best Crucible and Top Girls scenes exploring the theme of POWER.


Well Done to all of HABS CNAT and Vocation Year 11 students for getting their coursework and performance portfolios completed!


Congratulations to Joel Sea and Roman Bafi on their outstanding achievements this term. Roman has been offered scholarships from the San Francisco Ballet School and Joel is the Regional Jack Petchey Speak Out Champion. We are immensely proud!


HABS Y13 students visited Imperial College London and interacted with Imperial staff and students, giving them a glimpse of what life at university would be like. The trip motivated our students to pursue higher academic and career goals.


Harris Academy Y10&11 Boys' Basketball team had an amazing season and made us very proud. They won all their matches in the Wandsworth Borough School games on displayed team play, strategic brilliance and an excellent representation of Harris Battersea's values


Our students had an Oxford University English Taster Day. They got to put their English literary reading skills to the test (gaining university knowledge to aid them with their GCSEs) and spoke to a range of current Oxford University student volunteers.


Our students had an Oxford University English Taster Day. They got to put their English literary reading skills to the test (gaining university knowledge to aid them with their GCSEs) and spoke to a range of current Oxford University student volunteers.


Well done to the HABS Year 10&11 Basketball team who won all their matches in the Wandsworth Borough School games!


Very impressive win vs Chestnut Grove 39-16 in the first game of JNR NBA season. Outstanding Performance by Donnell, Ethan and Shaun K and other Y8 boys.


Year 9 student leadership candidates deliver their speeches in assembly this morning. Excellent oracy and charisma from the candidates in true HABS style. Voting concludes on Friday when the successful leaders will be announced.


On Friday 17th November, our local MP, Ms Marsha De Cordova visited HABS, met with the student council and presented the Academy with literature celebrating Black History Month.


BigBrotherBigSister programme- year 12s meet there y9 mentees for the first time!


Y11s finished mock season by revising Geography with Head of Academy, Mr Comerford, ahead of their final exam. Congratulations to all of Y11 for their hard work during this first set of exams, setting themselves up for success in their GCSE year!


Here at HABS we love a good ol' Sip & Paint! Here are few picks from our latest arts celebration during Black History Month Thursday


All Y13 science students attended a series of masterclasses at HA Crystal Palace. Students appreciated the opportunity to further refine their exam skills to help them achieve the top grades. Just one of the many additional opportunities in offer to 6th Formers at HABS.

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Work Experience 2024

Check back here for all updated information on work experience for year 10 and year 12 students.

All year 10 and year 12 students have a one-week work experience as part of their curriculum. This academic year it will take place in the summer term: 1st July – 5th July (Year 10) and also 8th July – 12th July (Year 12).

Find the parent letters with more information here:    Year 10 Launch Letter WEX2024  Year 12 Launch Letter WEX2024

Scroll down for: Example email - WEX Timeline

How to find a placement

Work Experience is your opportunity to find a placement where you can learn about a particular job or area of work. It can help you decide on your options for your next steps either after Year 11 or after sixth form. It will give you the opportunity to develop technical skills as well as soft skills such as time-management, organisation, self-confidence, communication, independence and a variety of others. Each placement will be distinct and different from others.

What types of work experience can I do?

We have given you the responsibility to find your own placements. Think about what you want to do in the future or what are your favourite subjects currently at school. Here are some example work experience placements for you to look into which link to school subjects:

  • Museum, archive office, National Trust site (History, Classics)
  • Gallery, workshop, branding department of a company, architect (Art, Design)
  • Talent agency, backstage theatre work (Drama)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), translating company, journalism, broadcasting, library, publishing company (English Literature, Modern Foreign Languages)
  • Water works, research and development department at a local factory, green energy, oil and gas company (Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering)
  • Pharmaceutical company, dental practice, nursing home, hospital or GP clinic (Medical Sciences and Human Biology)
  • App development company, IT security company, school IT department (Computer Sciences)
  • Local astronomy observation centres, automobile and aviation manufacturers (Maths, Physics and Astronomy)
  • Teaching your subject to younger students at primary school, writing articles for a blog or student magazine, starting a society or study group (All subjects)



WEX 2024 Timeline

Example Email

Asking about work experience by email needs to be formal communication. As we said in tutor time it should well structured. Remeber to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain why you are interested
  • Give the dates you are available
  • Ensure the email is polite

Text to copy below

WEX 2024 Example Email


Dear Sir/Madam [or name of person] [or HR Team]

I am a [year group] students from Harris Academy Battersea, studying for my [GCSEs/A Levels]

I’d like to enquire about a potential work experience placement at [company name], which I will be available to carry out for 5 days from [start date] to [end date].

I’m keen on gaining some practical work experience in [chosen sector of work], because [reasoning for pursuing a placement with this specific company and sector].

As an enthusiastic student with a keen interest in what your organisation does, as well as a passion to progress within this industry, I would be very grateful to be considered for an opportunity at [company name].

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours [sincerely/faithfully]

[Your name]



Page Downloads

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Year 10 Launch Letter WEX2024 29th Dec 2023 Download
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