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24 Y12 Chemists ventured to Imperial College and carried out practical techniques, calculations, identified common method mistakes and accurately observed then recorded results. The students were described "as role model students" by the university staff!


I found a king in me and now I love you I found a king in you and now I love me'On Monday some of students saw the play 'For Black Boys...' at the Garrick Theatre. The group roared with laughter, sang along and (almost) cried during the emotional performance!


Well done to all students who took part in Wandsworth Schools Athletics Champs. Congratulations to Tom Radford-Silver in the Shot Putt, Kymarley Morrison-Silver in the Triple Jump, Samuel Mireku-Kwasi-Silver in 100m Hurdles and Ajdin Sabic-Bronze in the Shot Putt.


14 Y11 students visited Oxford University for a taster day on Wednesday and left inspired that with hard work and commitment to their study a future place is a realistic aspiration!


What an exceptional start Harris Academy Battersea Y9 students have made to their new STREET ART project!


Well done to our Student Leadership Team who go above and beyond in their meetings to ensure collaboration across KS3. Their innovative ideas to amplify student voice within the school, whilst also providing a direct channel of communication are greatly appreciated.


Some of our female students attended a panel discussion and Q+A from seven inspirational female leaders from a variety of industries. Louise in Y10 was braved to preform some of her poems in front of everyone.


30 Year 10 pupils went to the Apple head offices in Battersea Power Station to learn all about how Apple Books are published and created and to get an insight into the digital publishing world on 6.03.24.


10 of our 6th Form students went to open their fast in Battersea Art Centre as part of London's first Open Iftar event this year! It stands as the UK’s largest and acclaimed community event during Ramadan.


Our Y9 Debate Mate Club achieved fantastic success in their Pitch Project. They showed a fantastic growth in confidence, and presented with clarity and composure, sharing a range of thoughtful ideas. This was part of a large national competition, and they were placed fourth!


Congratulations to the HABS boys' and girls' basketball teams. The boys won vs Ark Putney and Chestnut Grove with 16-2 & 15-7 and the girls won vs Harris Clapham with 55-28! Most importantly they played for each other and supported each other.


Congratulations to the incredible Y7's who participated in the Harris Spelling Bee! Your resilience and outstanding sportsmanship throughout the 5 challenging rounds are truly commendable. You've not only showcased your spelling prowess but also set a shining example of teamwork!


Well done, to HABS KS5 students who have raised more than £200 for Doctors without Borders to support them with aiding medical care across the world in places of conflict!


Big thank you to for helping our wonderful student, Chelsea, to tick this off her bucket list! She got to watch the game, meet the team, and received a signed Hockey stick by the players! Big shout out to Graham for organising!


So thrilled to share the achievements of 6 formers who were rewarded an Ice-Skating trip. It was a celebration of their proactive approach in seeking extracurricular opportunities and dedicated efforts towards personal development. Massive well done to our students!


Enjoy the following stills from the Year 11 Drama Component 2 Final Performance. Students put on a show of their best Crucible and Top Girls scenes exploring the theme of POWER.


Well Done to all of HABS CNAT and Vocation Year 11 students for getting their coursework and performance portfolios completed!


Congratulations to Joel Sea and Roman Bafi on their outstanding achievements this term. Roman has been offered scholarships from the San Francisco Ballet School and Joel is the Regional Jack Petchey Speak Out Champion. We are immensely proud!


HABS Y13 students visited Imperial College London and interacted with Imperial staff and students, giving them a glimpse of what life at university would be like. The trip motivated our students to pursue higher academic and career goals.


Harris Academy Y10&11 Boys' Basketball team had an amazing season and made us very proud. They won all their matches in the Wandsworth Borough School games on displayed team play, strategic brilliance and an excellent representation of Harris Battersea's values

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Homework is used at Harris Academy Battersea to reinforce learning in the classroom, allowing students to retrieve and apply knowledge from across the curriculum.

Homework helps students demonstrate their resilience through developing fundamental skills such as time management and organisation, eventually demonstrating mastery of material, and offers opportunities to show their integrity when completing without the assistance of a teacher. Homework gives students the opportunity for independent learning so they can thrive in a changing world.

The design of homework at HABS aims to avoid meaningless or "busy” work, as opposed to embedding knowledge through retrieval practice.

Please click here to download a "How-To Guide" for Satchel One, our new online homework platform.

Homework timetables

Below is the timetable for when homework is due and when it will be checked by teachers:

By year

By year

By department

By department

Each subject has an allocated day of the week where homework is set and checked by the teacher; if a piece of homework is set on a Monday, it will be collected the following Monday in the lesson.

The only exception for this are the online homework systems, Sparx, Teams, Languagenut, Seneca and Bedrock, where the deadline is 8:30pm the night before the new homework will be set. This will allow the work to be checked in advance of the lesson. For example, Year 7 Maths teachers will set homework on Friday 17th September on Sparx, the deadline will be the next Thursday on the 23rd September at 8:30pm.

If students lose their homework, spare copies can be collected from the subject's department or any teacher. Any homework that is not attempted will be recorded by the classroom teacher on the day that it is due to be checked and a sanction will be set.

Should there be any problems or issues, please email with your child’s full name, their year group and a description of the issue.

KS3 homework

At HABS, years 7, 8 and 9 will receive two types of homework. Online and project based homework.

Online homework

Year 10s will also be expected to complete Bedrock tasks.

Project based homework

Projects are an amazing opportunity for students to engage with the curriculum in a different way. Also, for the students to develop key skills they would need in KS4 and KS5. It will give them more ownership of their work and it's an opportunity to be creative and to showcase skills that are not often recognised.

KS3 students will receive one humanities project and one arts project each half term. The expectation is that it will span the time of the half term.

Click HERE to read our student online homework guide.

KS4 and KS5 homework

Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 will receive paper-based homework and study work. This will be set once per week for each subject. For every student, for every subject, students will therefore receive one piece of homework per week on green paper. Detentions will be assigned to Year 10 and sixth form students on the day their homework is due.