Amgad Salih, a 19 year old student from Peckham who is studying at the University of Oxford, shared this picture that his friend organised. They recreated the typical Oxford Bullingdon picture but with black students, to show black representation and inspire more Peckham people.


Vacancy for a cover supervisor to join our support staff.


We’re looking for an ambitious SEND teacher to join our amazing team!


A fantastic opportunity to join a highly successful and forward-thinking English department!


Thank you to Paul Jones who went above and beyond to ensure students were supported with grade appeals!


Just sent you a DM.


An incredible achievement by Gyalpo Dongo Aguirre who will be making America great again by studying Physics and Computer Science at Well done, Gyalpo!


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Fantastic results, Neha! Welcome to community and !


Well done to Neha Yasin for achieving 4 A*s today. She will be reading Physics . We wish you all the best for the next stage in your life!


Well done to all students in Year 13 today. We’re really proud of all of your achievements and you have shown great resilience in such a challenging year.


Huge congratulations to Amgad Salih who is on his way to to read Economics. We’re so proud of you!


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Admin Officer in Info/Apply:


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There are only 2 days left for eligible families to register for Free School Meals and access support through the COVID Summer Food Fund. - RT and find out more here:


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Calling all students from , , , and who joined the virtual workshop earlier today - here's a reminder of the simple advice to check the sources in an online news story 👇


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'Is it REAL?' The question we asked to students from , , , , and who joined us for our navigating news workshop earlier today. Thanks to Team for organising!


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Come on Take on Ru's Boccia Challenge- let's see what you have in your locker!


Meet the staff at HABS. First up is the incredible Mr Reid, Year Lead for Year 7: Tweet us if you have any questions for him!


Dear parents and guardians. Click here if you would like the details for uniform purchase and for a checklist of what to buy for September:

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Posted on May 11th 2018

Staff take on Students on the Football Pitch

This week we experienced a determined display of skill, with a little bit of luck thrown in, as the HABs staff took on our students in an exhilarating game of football.

Thirteen staff members laced up their boots eager to take on ten of our highly skilled Year 11 students in a match which certainly entertained the rest of the school.

Ms Cambridge had the not-so-enviable task of captaining the staff team.  She said, “I knew I had my work cut out, but what my team lacked in skills they certainly made up for in enthusiasm!  I knew we were going to be on the back foot from the offset as the Year 11 team was made up of some incredibly strong players.”

The first whistle blew and the game commenced. After Ms Cambridge took a corner which was too long to be received, Mr Johnston picked up the pace with a great rebound which unfortunately just missed the goal hitting the bar.  Mr Kenlock used great skills to fool Alex to take possession of the ball. After some further toing and froing Mr Hird eventually scored the first goal. 

Undeterred, the students fought back with Michele and Khalid holding possession of the ball. An impressive interception by Mr Hinz regained possession and Ms Cambridge took a shot at goal, but it wasn’t strong enough for the opposition’s goal keeper who saved it with ease.

Michele was doing a great job in attack but was scuppered by an impressive slide tackle by Mr Mulvihill.  The battle continued and the second goal was scored by Michele taking the result to 1:1. Michele was on a roll, scoring a further two goals shortly after, taking the score to 3:1 to the students at half time.

After a pep talk from Captain Ms Cambridge the teachers approached the pitch with renewed vigour for the second half and it wasn’t long before Mr Grifith-Wilkin scored taking the score to 3:2. Determined not to be defeated by their teachers, the students once again upped their game with Reece scoring the final goal before the whistle blew.

The excitement was palpable as the students took the victory 4:2.

A huge thank you and well done to everyone who took part.



Ms Cambridge (captain)

Mr Kenlock

Ms Hosker

Mr Johnston

Mr Hinz

Mr Carr

Mr Edwards

Ms Jones

Mr Mulvehill

Mr Hird

Mr Griffith-Wilkin

Mr Canamela

Mr Wood



Khalid Babikir

Che Calder

Khalid Abukar

Reecde Gunn

Fowsi Mohamed

Badradin Sheikh

Michele Maccari

Ismael Costa Lima

Johnathan Gilbert

Alex Hilago