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24 Y12 Chemists ventured to Imperial College and carried out practical techniques, calculations, identified common method mistakes and accurately observed then recorded results. The students were described "as role model students" by the university staff!


I found a king in me and now I love you I found a king in you and now I love me'On Monday some of students saw the play 'For Black Boys...' at the Garrick Theatre. The group roared with laughter, sang along and (almost) cried during the emotional performance!


Well done to all students who took part in Wandsworth Schools Athletics Champs. Congratulations to Tom Radford-Silver in the Shot Putt, Kymarley Morrison-Silver in the Triple Jump, Samuel Mireku-Kwasi-Silver in 100m Hurdles and Ajdin Sabic-Bronze in the Shot Putt.


14 Y11 students visited Oxford University for a taster day on Wednesday and left inspired that with hard work and commitment to their study a future place is a realistic aspiration!


What an exceptional start Harris Academy Battersea Y9 students have made to their new STREET ART project!


Well done to our Student Leadership Team who go above and beyond in their meetings to ensure collaboration across KS3. Their innovative ideas to amplify student voice within the school, whilst also providing a direct channel of communication are greatly appreciated.


Some of our female students attended a panel discussion and Q+A from seven inspirational female leaders from a variety of industries. Louise in Y10 was braved to preform some of her poems in front of everyone.


30 Year 10 pupils went to the Apple head offices in Battersea Power Station to learn all about how Apple Books are published and created and to get an insight into the digital publishing world on 6.03.24.


10 of our 6th Form students went to open their fast in Battersea Art Centre as part of London's first Open Iftar event this year! It stands as the UK’s largest and acclaimed community event during Ramadan.


Our Y9 Debate Mate Club achieved fantastic success in their Pitch Project. They showed a fantastic growth in confidence, and presented with clarity and composure, sharing a range of thoughtful ideas. This was part of a large national competition, and they were placed fourth!


Congratulations to the HABS boys' and girls' basketball teams. The boys won vs Ark Putney and Chestnut Grove with 16-2 & 15-7 and the girls won vs Harris Clapham with 55-28! Most importantly they played for each other and supported each other.


Congratulations to the incredible Y7's who participated in the Harris Spelling Bee! Your resilience and outstanding sportsmanship throughout the 5 challenging rounds are truly commendable. You've not only showcased your spelling prowess but also set a shining example of teamwork!


Well done, to HABS KS5 students who have raised more than £200 for Doctors without Borders to support them with aiding medical care across the world in places of conflict!


Big thank you to for helping our wonderful student, Chelsea, to tick this off her bucket list! She got to watch the game, meet the team, and received a signed Hockey stick by the players! Big shout out to Graham for organising!


So thrilled to share the achievements of 6 formers who were rewarded an Ice-Skating trip. It was a celebration of their proactive approach in seeking extracurricular opportunities and dedicated efforts towards personal development. Massive well done to our students!


Enjoy the following stills from the Year 11 Drama Component 2 Final Performance. Students put on a show of their best Crucible and Top Girls scenes exploring the theme of POWER.


Well Done to all of HABS CNAT and Vocation Year 11 students for getting their coursework and performance portfolios completed!


Congratulations to Joel Sea and Roman Bafi on their outstanding achievements this term. Roman has been offered scholarships from the San Francisco Ballet School and Joel is the Regional Jack Petchey Speak Out Champion. We are immensely proud!


HABS Y13 students visited Imperial College London and interacted with Imperial staff and students, giving them a glimpse of what life at university would be like. The trip motivated our students to pursue higher academic and career goals.


Harris Academy Y10&11 Boys' Basketball team had an amazing season and made us very proud. They won all their matches in the Wandsworth Borough School games on displayed team play, strategic brilliance and an excellent representation of Harris Battersea's values

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Posted on February 9th 2024

End of Spring Term 1 update from the HOA

The end of term update from Mr Comerford can be found here.

For families who wish to translate the letter using our website's in-built translation function (see the globe icon at the top of the page) the text is copied below:

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Dear parents and carers


Re: End of Spring Term 1 & Update from the Head of Academy


Thank you for your fantastic support for our Academy during the first half of this Academic year. In this end of term letter I’m excited to draw your attention to some of the numerous successes and exciting events that have taken place at school in this short half term. I’m also writing with a few key reminders to ensure that all students begin Spring 2 on the front foot!


A reminder that term restarts on Monday 19th of February and all students should arrive at normal time for a normal academy day.


Community Safety and a warning from the Metropolitan Police

Please take a moment to remind your children that even though it is the holidays, the Academy is still there for them. They can contact us through the sharp system here and on the Academy website.


We recently received a letter from the police regarding the health harms of contaminated vapes. There have been a number of cases in our area recently of vapes containing synthetic cannabinoids (commonly referred to as ‘spice’) and these have resulted in significant harms to young people.


  • An incident involving five young people aged 14-16 on 29.01.24 took place in Greenwich. The incident resulted in hospitalisations with relatively serious health harms - the vape was a blue and purple coloured rechargeable device labelled ‘Vaporesso’, which held blue liquid residues within a clear plastic chamber of a silver and black cartridge.


  • A further incident in January, involving two young people in Merton, has now been confirmed as synthetic cannabinoid related. – the vape was labelled ‘Lemonade Vape Cookies’.


At present, the police do not know whether the young people involved intentionally buy vapes containing illegal drugs, or how widespread these are. Please remind your children about the potential risks of contaminated vapes and specifically the risks of seeking to smoke cannabis through vapes which is particularly dangerous.



Uniform including jewellery and coats

I’d like to remind all parents and carers that HABS operates a strict uniform policy. This is intended to both build a sense of community and safeguard students. We respect young people’s desires to express themselves through their fashion choices. However, our policy is in place to prevent students spending unnecessary focus on their appearance on a daily basis, feeling competitive around clothing and jewellery choices, and to avoid inevitable instances losing valuables on site.


Please remind your child that:


  • Students are allowed one plain stud earring in each ear only. This must not be a hoop or of a large size, although can be patterned or include a stone.


  • Students are NOT allowed nose studs, necklaces or bracelets of any kind. These items will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the half term.


In addition, as we come out of the winter months we’d like to remind our students that we expect coats to be removed as students enter the building. This is to ensure that we can easily identify all students around the site at all times, and to ensure that all students can be supported in maintaining high standards of uniform throughout the day. Thank you for your support in reminding your child about this.


More information about our uniform policy and suppliers can be found here.


Mobile phone policy

For the avoidance of doubt, when students’ Mobile Phones are confiscated on site due to students using them or them going off in a lesson, the Academy policy is to return these to a parent or carer after 24 hours (i.e. from the next day). This is to ensure that students are appropriately deterred from using their phones in school, but is also intended to support you as parents and carers to avoid insistence from your children to come quickly to school to retrieve their phone. We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances related to a child’s safety where at the Head’s discretion phones may need to be returned earlier, but we believe these are rare cases.


Thank you for supporting us in keeping school a phone-use-free zone!



Spring Term Highlights so far

Most importantly, I’d like to close the term by sharing with you just some of the incredible highlights of the past five weeks! Staff and students have been busy at work engaged in some truly remarkable activities.


Harris Federation Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the incredible Year 7's who participated in the Harris Spelling Bee! They displayed impressive spelling skills and left a lasting impression on both peers and judges! In the initial round, teamwork took centre stage as the group collaborated to tackle challenging words. Transitioning into the second round, the dynamics shifted to one-to-one challenges. The intensity heightened in the third round with the first to buzz winning 5 points extra! The challenge brought out a surge of adrenaline with the final round consisting of spelling as many words as you can. The students represented the Academy remarkably and we’re excited to see what our competitive spellers achieve next.


HABS Debate Club and DebateMate

Twenty of our Y7s regularly take part in DebateMate for their Monday Enrichment Club.  They are all developing excellent oracy skills and quickly building confidence.  On Monday 23rd January, two squads of 6 travelled to Notre Dame School to take part in their first debating competition against squads from other schools.  Everyone who took part did a fantastic job, and we were thrilled to see them all rise to the challenge, standing up tall and making their cases in front of opposing teams from other schools.  They made us very proud; a huge well done to everyone involved!  Results will be released in February and our second competition will also take place at the end of this month, this time at Chelsea Academy.  


Year 11 History students visit the Imperial War Museum

51 of our finest Year 11 historians visited the Imperial War Museum on Wednesday 7th February 2024. The students got the opportunity to explore the First World War, Second World War and Cold War exhibitions. Whilst exploring these incredible resources the students were completing a ‘treasure hunt’ booklet; following clues around the museum in order to find answers to questions which link to their GCSE history modules at school. The trail spelt out a secret message (not so secret now!) about Mr Tibber’s questionable history credentials! The students were impeccably behaved and super competitive, trying to crack the code first! Staff at the museum made a point of complementing their behaviour and focus. Well done Year 11 Historians! We’re so proud of you.


Year 7 visit Westminster Abbey

As part of our educational enrichment programme, our Year 7 students recently visited the remarkable Westminster Abbey. From the moment we arrived, the students displayed plenty of enthusiasm, intrigue and the respect for the historical significance of Westminster Abbey. Throughout the tour, the students' behaviour was exemplary. They listened attentively to the tour guide, asked insightful questions to deepen their own knowledge and showed off their prior knowledge of British history. They were amazed by the stunning architecture, from the beautiful, high ceilings to the stained glass windows and gold finishings around. The students interactions with each other and the tour guides were marked by kindness and respect and they listened well to all the stories shared by the tour guides. 


The tour guides commented on how well they behaved and was impressed with the knowledge they already had and all the fantastic questions. Ms Lewin was extremely proud and truly believes they represented HABS from the moment we left until the moment we returned back.  


Year 9 Residential to Avon Tyrell

Embarking on a thrilling journey of discovery and adventure, our fantastic Year 9 students embraced the wilderness at the Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Adventure Site during their unforgettable two-night residential. From conquering towering ropes courses to bonding over campfire tales, they immersed themselves in every moment, creating memories to last a lifetime. We’re excited to extend our residential trips to whole year groups in the future.


Our new HABS Creative Tech Mural

Years 7 and 8 created a mural during Enrichment Club time on the walls of the N200 corridor to celebrate the Technology skills in the Creative Department. This includes graphic communication, food technology and resistant materials.


Students were very proud of their work and said “it is so exciting to see our ideas painted on the walls of our department… we really enjoyed it!”

We plan to extend the idea across the school and have murals all over Harris Battersea.



Greenhouse Basketball success

Greenhouse has been working with Harris Battersea since September 2021 and within that time Basketball has been an integral part of our student's educational journey. The impact of playing sport, specifically basketball in this case has taught them focus, confidence, commitment and resilience.


Since joining the Greenhouse basketball program students have learnt the STEP framework, which they learn during their STEP intervention lesson which emphasises developing skills socially, thinking, emotionally and physically which we believe translates to their wellbeing and overall and enjoyable school experience at HABS.


It has been great to see many of the HABS students now playing for clubs outside of HABS which has meant the pathway we have provided for them has been a success and so many students doing 3 plus hours of sport per week outside of their curriculum school P.E.


Coach Ken would like to shout out some amazing students who he believes have gone above and beyond, supporting others, always showing a positive attitude and mindset of wanting to achieve and do their best:


Mary Zenwai, Rhianna Addison, Shadya Alyateb, Tanatswa Chimwanda, Simar Babla, Daniela O, Azra Farah


Taurai Chimwanda, David Adeyele, Adeeb Ahmed, Donnell Sanders, Givonique Powell, Dionne Sanders, Riana Jamal.





Brilliant Club + HEX

Our high-achieving students have been actively engaged in various talks and events aimed at enriching their academic and career perspectives. They have participated in sessions covering a wide array of subjects, including performing arts, critical thinking, and medicine. In February, our Year 10 students had the opportunity to visit the Royal Opera House for a mesmerizing performance of La Bohème, and they are scheduled to explore university campuses later this year, further enhancing their educational journey. More events planned for our students to explore their options for their future.


Bake Sale + Human Appeal 

In 2022 alone, Human Appeal helped a total of 1.1 million people through their safe water and sanitation projects in several communities around the world. On Tuesday 30th January, our Year 9 Student Leadership Team, Hiba Boukhari and Aisha Ahmed, launched a charitable campaign for Human Appeal. Working closely with their peers and our Sixth Formers, they were able to raise an impressive grand total of £520 from a Bake Sale for Human Appeal. This beautiful act of charity will support several disadvantaged communities to now have access to clean water by supporting their Water Well legacy projects. We are so proud of how our students came together, and eager to be involved in more charitable acts in the future! 



HABS 2023 UCAS Applications to Universities

Back in October 2023, 16 applications were sent to Oxford or Cambridge universities, and Medicine and Dentistry courses. We are currently waiting to hear from the offer outcomes of 3 Medicine interviews and 2 Dentistry interviews, and all other early applicants have received offers from universities. On the 31st of January 2024, HABS sent off another 41 UCAS applications to make a total of 57 UCAS applications for our current Y13s! We look forward to organising mock interviews this Spring to support our students with any university interviews and are excited to hear in the near future about our Y13s receiving offers from universities.


Rewards & Celebrations

This half-term saw more students receiving the praise and rewards they deserve for their hard work and learning. As a whole school, over 55,000 value were awarded to students, which is an average of 2200 points per day, so a big well done to all of our students.

These value points were announced in rewards assembly throughout the last week of half-term, and many students received special badges. Please ask your child if they have received one!


A special congratulations to Emily Duong in year 7 for receiving the most points this half-term- a whopping 312 points!


Year 11 Independent Study & Support

Year 11 students have passed a milestone this week with less than 100 days left until their first GCSE exam. Not only that but looming large in February are their final set of mock exams. We really are in the business end of year 11, and this is evident in the way that students are applying themselves in their lessons and in their work outside of school. Every evening for the past three week we have had over 100 year 11 students on site until 5pm revising for their mocks. Some students are in small 'Fast-Track' intervention sessions with subject teachers, whilst others are taking part in supervised independent study (SIS) in the main hall. Not only are the students stepping up their work individually but the way they are supporting and challenging each other to be the best they can be has been incredible to see this half term. 


Deeper Learning Day

On our first Deeper Learning Day of the academic year, each year group took part in a series of activities designed to enrich their learning and develop their soft skills. Further information about this day can be found below.


Focus for a day

What will this mean?


Amazing Africa

Year 7 looked into the rich culture and history of Africa.



Year 8 students looked  into the importance and history of democracy, engaging in debates and planning a campaign.



Year 9 students learnt about the options process, had GCSE taster sessions and met with professionals for practice interviews.



Year 10 students spent the day working with professionals to learn about the world of work, prepare for work experience and have practice interviews.


Exam preparation and afternoon reward

Year 11 students spent the day on exam preparation for English, Maths and Science, ending the day with their rewards assembly.

12 & 13

Oracy and soft skills workshop

Year 12 and 13 students were working with external professionals to develop their soft skills, like oracy, presentation and interview preparation.




In closing, thank you for all your support for the Academy this term, and for the fantastic support you continue to provide for your children. I’m so excited for what the second half of the year will bring for us all.


Yours sincerely

Mr Charlie Comerford

Head of Academy