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Here are some of our brilliant students heading to and this year. Many are the first in their family to attend university and all have beaten extraordinary odds to get there. We are so proud of them and wish them every happiness and success.


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Meet Ashleigh, previously an English tutor and copy editor, now training to teach English at


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Exam Invigilators and Scribes required .Apply now


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It was fantastic to start with completing the The winning team came up with a great idea


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Well done! Tom Harriott EdD student and will also present his work


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Harris Academy Battersea are looking for an Achievement Director for Business and Economics. Apply now


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Our is Harris Academy Battersea! We're thrilled to get to work closely alongside this successful Academy to offer their facilities for community use and hire. To take a detailed look at what they can offer please visit..


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Great work from , whose overall P8 is a very impressive 0.49. in particular stands out with a stunning score of 1.26.


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Happy Friday . We have our 3rd visit locked down and it's at the famous ! It's your chance to learn from one of the most successful turnaround schools, now rated outstanding.


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Lovely to see our Scholars here for the second Regional Training Day . Thank you to and for hosting school visits. It is wonderful to see the Scholars really engage with the programme.


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Find out how pupils at are finding Latin, as over 400 students embark on the subject


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Congratulations for winning our U14 🏀 Girls Basketball yesterday. Good luck in Representing in London School Games final.


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Students from and taking advantage of the CV surgery and job advice from the mentors 😁


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. once again had some brilliant results: , Harris St Johns Wood, and had great P8 scores of 0.34, 0.58, 0.89 and 1.27 respectively.


Well done to our Year 9 Boys' Football Team who have secured a place in the final of the Wandsworth League. The final is this Wednesday at Southfields and they'll be playing against Ernest Bevin. We wish them all the best of luck.


Students Secure Second Place at Wandsworth Athletics Championships - Latest News - Harris Academy Battersea


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Great to see inspiring future generations. Hope the students had fun!


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Congratulations to students! Fun 3 days!! Thank you for coming

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Creative Technology

Design and technology curriculum and assessment

Which is more important, form or function? Design & Technology at HABS allows students to develop design skills in order to create forms for products that are creative as well as develop the skills needed to manufacture functional products that are innovative in order to create the designers and manufactures of tomorrow who can create products with both form and function.

Our students will become masters in a range of disciplines such as: woods, metals and plastics, fabrics, electronics and graphics from which they can later specialise in once they decide which career paths they find most appealing.

Our students will be designers and manufactures who have a moral compass and an obligation to our society in order to ensure that all products developed promote sustainable living for a better tomorrow.

1. I understand that a successful design is shaped by the needs of a target market
I can investigate a situation to define a target market that can be profiled
I can analyse the target market and draw conclusions about their needs
I can explain the link between target market and the demand for a product
I can describe the target market
I can state who the target market for the product is

2. I understand a successful design is developed through comprehensive research
I can evaluate relevant research to promote creative design solutions
I can show discrimination when selecting research
I can identify positives and areas for improvements of existing products
I can describe products that are similar to mine

3. I understand the importance of a specification in producing a successful design
I can create a justified specification
I can use levels of importance to rank these needs
I can justify the needs of the product
I can reflect on research to state the needs of a product
I can state the basic needs of the product I am to make

4. I understand that successful designs are creative and innovative
I can produce a range of imaginative and innovative design solutions which demonstrate:  creativity, flair and originality.
I can explain and demonstrate what creativity and innovation are
I can explore a range of unrelated images and generate creative ideas from this
I can generate a number of ideas from a given situation
I can adapt a design to make a new idea
I can visually communicate a design which is similar to the examples shown

5. I understand that successful designs are ethical
I can develop and justify my design ideas considering a wide range of issues including ethical issues
I can evaluate my designs using social, moral, environmental and sustainability design issues and further develop them
I can identify a problem and modify a design
I explain social, moral, environmental and stainability design issues
I can state the ethical issues: social, moral, environmental and sustainable design

6. I understand that successful designs are developed through robust experimentation
I can develop work through experimentation using a wide variety of techniques, materials and components through modelling (including CAD) in order to develop a final design solution
I can evaluate the modelling process and justify developments
I can experiment with a range of materials and techniques
I can discuss difference between CAD/CAM and traditional manufacturing techniques
I can modify the models through ongoing problem solving
I can make a model of the final design idea

7. I understand that successful products have a clear and concise plan
I can produce a detailed and justified manufacturing specification (final design in CAD, orthographic drawing, manufacturing specification and plan of manufacture)
I can create a visual plan of how the product will be made in CAD
I can discuss how the product will be made through QC and QA
I can explain how the product will be made in a logical sequence
I can state how my product will be made

8. I understand that commercially viable products are made using appropriate tools and techniques
I am able to select and use appropriate tools skilfully, correctly and safely
I can suggest and demonstrate control measures for the use of tools
I can select equipment that will be needed for manufacturing
I can demonstrate control when using tools or techniques
I can identify hazards and precautions
I can identify tools and techniques

9. I understand that commercially viable products are made using appropriate materials
I am able to select and use appropriate materials, correctly, skilfully and safely
I can suggest and demonstrate control measures for the use of materials
I can suggest materials that will be needed for a product based on their properties
I can identify materials and groups

10. I understand that successful products are commercially viable
I can produce a product that is commercially viable
I can produce a final outcome which demonstrates a high level of making and finishing skills
I can produce a functional product that is fit for purpose
I can produce a product that can be functional with further development

11. I understand that commercially viable products are developed through rigorous evaluation
I can recommend how the design and manufacturing might be modified for commercial production
I can conduct a range of QC checks to test the commercial viability of the product and draw conclusions for further development
I use third party critique to help me develop the product
I can explain in what ways the product has met the specification and suggest further development points
I can identify the strengths and areas of development for the product

12. I understand that successful designs are clearly articulated
I can suggest construction methods and control measures appropriate for the idea
I can solve problems with my design and document improvements
I can justify design decisions that I have made
I can describe my ideas
I can state fact about my ideas

Summary of content
In Year 7 our students will learn about the different areas of the design process and be introduced to the basic manufacturing skills across all specialisms. Some of the skills they will develop are: soldering electrical circuits, manual product skills in wood, develop technical drawing skills and mastering the sewing machine.

In Year 8 our students will continue to develop their practical skills in each specialism to a good level. This time they will start to develop skills such as: programming, photo manipulation, CAD/CAM and screen printing. During this year they will develop an understanding of the different materials groups and start to investigate the social moral and ethical issues related to design and manufacture of products.

In year 9 our young designers and manufactures will become masters in: Resistant Materials, Electronics, Textiles and Graphics. They will be able to create a range of products that are commercially viable for differing target market needs. They will become curious about new and emerging technologies to develop innovative products. They will understand how the environment, social and economic changes in the world shape products and will be able to adapt them accordingly. Our young designers and manufactures will have a robust understanding of industrial practices. During this year they will also develop skills in working with others on collaborative projects, as we know that James Dyson did not come up with a cyclone vacuum all by himself.

In year 10 and 11 our students will be following the AQA GCSE DT course. These designers and manufacturers will start to narrow down which of the specialisms they are most interested in and further develop and refine these practical skills to create a final product to meet the needs of a given target market. This controlled assessment piece will count towards 50% of their over grade for this subject.
They will be critics of design and become fluent in: Memphis, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Art and Craft Movement, Modernism, De Stijl and Post Modernism.
They will become masters of core principles relating to materials, masters of specialist techniques relating to manufacturing in industry and masters in innovative design bring together all their teaching from 7-9. They will leave HABS as successful designers of the future. 


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