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Here are some of our brilliant students heading to and this year. Many are the first in their family to attend university and all have beaten extraordinary odds to get there. We are so proud of them and wish them every happiness and success.


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Meet Ashleigh, previously an English tutor and copy editor, now training to teach English at


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Exam Invigilators and Scribes required .Apply now


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It was fantastic to start with completing the The winning team came up with a great idea


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Well done! Tom Harriott EdD student and will also present his work


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Harris Academy Battersea are looking for an Achievement Director for Business and Economics. Apply now


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Our is Harris Academy Battersea! We're thrilled to get to work closely alongside this successful Academy to offer their facilities for community use and hire. To take a detailed look at what they can offer please visit..


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Great work from , whose overall P8 is a very impressive 0.49. in particular stands out with a stunning score of 1.26.


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Happy Friday . We have our 3rd visit locked down and it's at the famous ! It's your chance to learn from one of the most successful turnaround schools, now rated outstanding.


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Lovely to see our Scholars here for the second Regional Training Day . Thank you to and for hosting school visits. It is wonderful to see the Scholars really engage with the programme.


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Find out how pupils at are finding Latin, as over 400 students embark on the subject


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Congratulations for winning our U14 🏀 Girls Basketball yesterday. Good luck in Representing in London School Games final.


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Students from and taking advantage of the CV surgery and job advice from the mentors 😁


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. once again had some brilliant results: , Harris St Johns Wood, and had great P8 scores of 0.34, 0.58, 0.89 and 1.27 respectively.


Well done to our Year 9 Boys' Football Team who have secured a place in the final of the Wandsworth League. The final is this Wednesday at Southfields and they'll be playing against Ernest Bevin. We wish them all the best of luck.


Students Secure Second Place at Wandsworth Athletics Championships - Latest News - Harris Academy Battersea


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Great to see inspiring future generations. Hope the students had fun!


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Congratulations to students! Fun 3 days!! Thank you for coming

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Music curriculum and assessment

‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’
Friedrich Nietzsche

Music at HABS provides a range of opportunities for both practical and theoretical music making. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of musical genres and styles from around the world, as well as being given the chance to engage with this music in small and large ensembles. Learning to perform and compose in these styles is an integral part of the music curriculum. Alongside a rigorous practical curriculum, our students are also equipped with the theoretical skills they need to succeed in understanding music at its deepest level. Notation is integrated into students’ musical learning from their first half term at the school, so they are prepared for the most demanding challenges of GCSE and BTEC qualifications. A range of extracurricular clubs support and extend the musical learning in the classroom, and students are encouraged to use their own initiative and create musical ensembles, with the support of music teaching staff.

Technique A1
1. Musicians employ compositional techniques
Through awareness and understanding of compositional techniques I am able to correctly and successfully extend and enhance my ideas
I can select and use the appropriate compositional technique to convey my idea in sound
I consistently use compositional techniques to communicate a pre-determined idea
I can use some compositional techniques that allow recognition of an idea
I attempt to use compositional techniques
I cannot utilise compositional techniques

Audience Response A2
2. Musicians communicate through sound
I can communicate a series of considered ideas/themes/emotions to the audience through great understanding and implementation of musical practise. 
Through a deep understanding of music technique I am able to link intricate emotion/ideas to the creation of sound
I can consistently relate my intended idea through sound
I am able to identify an idea and explain this through communicative sound
I attempt to communicate an idea through sound
I cannot evoke emotion through creation of sound

Performance Technique B1
3. Musicians value instrumental competence
Through awareness and understanding of performance techniques I am able perform fluently across a range of styles. 
I can select and use performance techniques that will enable me to perform fluently
I consistently demonstrate performance techniques that enable me to perform accurately and in time
I show awareness of performance technique that enable me to perform accurately and in time
I attempt to show instrumental competence through applying performance technique
I am not instrumentally competent

Audience Engagement B2
4. Musicians evoke emotion through performance
Through a deep understanding of musicianship I interpret musical ideas and communicate these emotions to the audience effortlessly
I consistently integrate my knowledge of musicianship with musical ideas to communicate emotion to the audience
I am able to link the application of performance techniques to the communication of an emotion
Through the use of performance techniques I communicate simple emotion 
Through performance I attempt to show emotion
I cannot show emotion through performance

Listening to Music C1
5. Musicians acknowledge the interrelated dimensions of sound
Through awareness and understanding of the interrelated dimensions of sound I can analyse how they have impacted on the interpretation of a piece of music
I can extract emotions and themes from the interrelated dimensions of sound and explain how they have impacted the piece of music
I can link the dimensions of sound to the purpose they were used for and describe their effect on a piece of music
I can explain how the dimensions of sound have been utilised in isolation
I can describe the dimensions of sound in isolation
I am unable to acknowledge the interrelated dimensions of sound

Reading Music C2
6. Musicians appreciate the value of musical devices
Through understanding of music theory I can analyse the intent for which musical devices could be used 
I am able to apply understanding of musical devices in order to consider the intentions of the composer 
I can explain how musical devices affect a piece of music
I can describe the effect of musical devices
I can identify musical devices
I cannot recognise musical devices

Contextualising Music C3
7. Musicians consider how music is influenced by period and style
Through knowledge of a wide array of music I am able to evaluate musical relationships
I can analyse the features of different styles of music and make conscious connections
I can explain the features of various styles of music and sometimes make connections
I can describe the features of particular styles of music
I can identify the features of particular styles of music
I cannot recognise different types of music

Summary of content
Year 7 students will be introduced to music from West and South Africa. They will learn to play djembes, composing their own pieces and playing traditional Ghanaian music. They will also learn to sing traditional South African songs, focusing on harmony singing. They will learn the key features of these styles, and our well-resourced department will offer ensemble performance opportunities. Students will begin to develop their keyboard and notation skills through learning an orchestral piece of music during the latter part of the term.

In year 8, the students will continue to develop their keyboard skills and begin to learn drums, guitar and bass through reggae and blues. They will gain a valuable insight into the history of these styles, whilst being offered ensemble and solo performance opportunities. Students’ listening skills will also be developed, and they will learn to identify and explain a wide range of musical devices in these two different musical genres.

In year 9, students continue to develop their performance and analysis skills, whilst learning to create musical ideas and pieces of their own. During this year, they begin to familiarise themselves with the GCSE set works through listening, analysing and learning to play them. This year encourages students to rehearse in ensembles and as soloists. It also prepares them to take autonomy over their learning when they are required to practice during their own time.

In year 10 and 11 students will be offered a choice between the Eduqas Music GCSE course, and the Level 2 BTEC Music qualification. The GCSE course involves the study of art and popular music, alongside music for stage and screen, and music from around the world. Students will submit solo and ensemble performances and their own compositions. The BTEC course offers students a hands-on vocational approach to musical study, and enables students to consider and prepare for possible careers in the music industry. Both courses are designed to encourage students to engage practically with each other and with the course materials.



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