Vacancy for Reflection & Inclusion Officer: come and join our fantastic and dedicated support staff.


Congratulations to all of our students receiving results today. We are incredibly proud of your achievements and how hard you have worked!


If you’re interested in data, we’re interested in you! Vacancy for Data Manager at Harris Academy Battersea


Looking for your next role in a diverse and successful school? Apply for our Administrative Officer role:


Vocabulary matters at Harris Academy Battersea! We are so excited about this new Bedrock competition open to all of our Year 7-9 students. All you need to do is complete 120 points by the 18th of July!


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Thank you to the students of for joining us this morning for the workshop! 😃 Nurses from across England came to share their experiences of nursing and excite the next generation to consider the career


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Another amazing day delivering to the students at . Using 'maths by stealth' to create a large-scale event. For more information about the workshop, click here:


Thanks to for delivering such a brilliant and engaging day to our Year 8s!


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We're having an amazing day delivering the to Year 7 students at . A fun, full day workshop linking maths to real-life! For more info, click here:



Amgad Salih, a 19 year old student from Peckham who is studying at the University of Oxford, shared this picture that his friend organised. They recreated the typical Oxford Bullingdon picture but with black students, to show black representation and inspire more Peckham people.


Vacancy for a cover supervisor to join our support staff.


We’re looking for an ambitious SEND teacher to join our amazing team!


A fantastic opportunity to join a highly successful and forward-thinking English department!


Thank you to Paul Jones who went above and beyond to ensure students were supported with grade appeals!


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An incredible achievement by Gyalpo Dongo Aguirre who will be making America great again by studying Physics and Computer Science at Well done, Gyalpo!


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Fantastic results, Neha! Welcome to community and !


Well done to Neha Yasin for achieving 4 A*s today. She will be reading Physics . We wish you all the best for the next stage in your life!


Well done to all students in Year 13 today. We’re really proud of all of your achievements and you have shown great resilience in such a challenging year.

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Sociology (KS5 only)

Sociology is the scientific study of the development, structure and functioning of human society.

The study of Sociology at A Level gives students a deeper and more scientific understanding of the world that they live in and the way in which societies have developed.

The course allows them to develop their own opinions about the factors shaping society and come to conclusions about how individuals interact with and shape the society they live in.

The study and evaluation of sociological perspectives is a particularly rigorous element of the course which students find challenging and stimulating as they explore differing interpretations from sociologists analysing modern society.

Students can go on to further study of Sociology at university and are ideally placed for careers in a wide variety of areas including local and national government, the civil service and charities. Sociology provides the tools and skills students require to take a more active role in creating, participating in, managing, and advancing such groups which shape our society today. 

The intent behind the Sociology curriculum is to help students to better understand the world they live in and the reasons why the structures in society have developed in the way that they have.

To do well at A-Level, the students need to understand the trends in modern society, be able to explain why these trends have developed using sociological perspectives and evaluate the contribution of particular sociologists’ perspective, concurrently critiquing their research methods to come to an informed opinion.

They should be able to make synoptic links across the topics that they study as well as applying their real-life knowledge and examples. The two core themes of the A-Level are socialisation, culture and identity and social differentiation, power and stratification. They must understand the significance of conflict and consensus, social structure and social action as well as the role of values.

Further details of the curriculum can be downloaded below.