Vacancy for Reflection & Inclusion Officer: come and join our fantastic and dedicated support staff.


Congratulations to all of our students receiving results today. We are incredibly proud of your achievements and how hard you have worked!


If you’re interested in data, we’re interested in you! Vacancy for Data Manager at Harris Academy Battersea


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Vocabulary matters at Harris Academy Battersea! We are so excited about this new Bedrock competition open to all of our Year 7-9 students. All you need to do is complete 120 points by the 18th of July!


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Thank you to the students of for joining us this morning for the workshop! 😃 Nurses from across England came to share their experiences of nursing and excite the next generation to consider the career


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Another amazing day delivering to the students at . Using 'maths by stealth' to create a large-scale event. For more information about the workshop, click here:


Thanks to for delivering such a brilliant and engaging day to our Year 8s!


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We're having an amazing day delivering the to Year 7 students at . A fun, full day workshop linking maths to real-life! For more info, click here:



Amgad Salih, a 19 year old student from Peckham who is studying at the University of Oxford, shared this picture that his friend organised. They recreated the typical Oxford Bullingdon picture but with black students, to show black representation and inspire more Peckham people.


Vacancy for a cover supervisor to join our support staff.


We’re looking for an ambitious SEND teacher to join our amazing team!


A fantastic opportunity to join a highly successful and forward-thinking English department!


Thank you to Paul Jones who went above and beyond to ensure students were supported with grade appeals!


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An incredible achievement by Gyalpo Dongo Aguirre who will be making America great again by studying Physics and Computer Science at Well done, Gyalpo!


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Fantastic results, Neha! Welcome to community and !


Well done to Neha Yasin for achieving 4 A*s today. She will be reading Physics . We wish you all the best for the next stage in your life!


Well done to all students in Year 13 today. We’re really proud of all of your achievements and you have shown great resilience in such a challenging year.

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Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) Education is designed to provide students with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to make informed choices in all aspects of their lives

The PSHE curriculum will cover careers, relationships, physical and mental health, money management, safety, British Values, substances, study skills, and current affairs.

Students will be armed with knowledge about these important life topics, the resilience to seek help and information if they are ever confused or struggling, and the integrity and confidence to stand up for what they know is right.

PSHE lessons are enhanced and built upon, where necessary, through assemblies and drop-down-days.

You can download our PSHE Policy and Relationships and Sex Education Policy from the Teaching and Learning page of our website.

"I enjoy PSHE because we have great discussions and debates." Year 7 student

Autumn term 2021 - PSHE curriculum 

This term in PSHE, students will be learning the following topics. Parents/guardians are encouraged to continue conversations around these topics at home with their child(ren). If you have questions about any of the topics covered, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Year 7

Welcome to HABS!

Self Esteem

Study Skills


Year 8

Online Safety

Mental Health

Study Skills


Year 9


Peer Pressure

Study Skills


Year 10

Starting KS4!

Mental Health

Study Skills


Year 11


Balancing Work and Wellbeing

Study Skills


Year 12


Mental Health

Study Skills


Year 13

Being Safely Independent

Mental Health

Study Skills



“Doing PSHE has allowed us to discuss very important things – things that are happening in the real world." Year 11 student

Useful resources

You can also find lots of resources to help you with your mental health and wellbeing on our own school website by clicking HERE.



General – 0800 1111

Mental Health


Sexuality, Gender, and Sexual Health

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

Online Safety

Mental and Physical Health


Current Affairs

Study Skills

Money Management

Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Violence

NSPCC helpline for victims of sexual abuse in schools – 0800 136 663

What HABS students say about PSHE

“I enjoy PSHE because we have great discussions and debates. It helps my knowledge grow so I can learn more important things and suitable things for when I become older.” – Y7 Student

“What I like about PSHE is that we are free to share our ideas and also develop the deep thinking to help improve what we do in our daily lives.” – Y8 Student

“I like doing PSHE because I like doing class discussions and sharing my ideas with my teacher and my classmates. We also learn about different cultures, ways to improve our learning, attendance, revision – it really helps us to do that in school.” – Y9 Student

“During PSHE this year my favourite topic was about homelessness. This is because I was taught that to help the homeless, I would not only just give money, I could volunteer in soup kitchens and food banks to help. I also learnt that it’s a bad mindset to believe that all homeless people are where they are because of drugs and alcohol. However, ask yourself how they got there as they could have been affected by family issues or job-loss because of corona and other issues.” – Y10 Student

“Doing PSHE has allowed us to discuss very important things – things that are happening in the real world. We have been able to shine a light on real issues that are happening at the moment from the Black Lives Matter movement especially and we have been educated on these situations. I think it is very important for us to be educated in school regarding these issues because they can affect us as individuals.  If we see this stuff happening, we can do something to help and we will recognise that it is wrong. PSHE has created a sense of community in my class as we have been able to share our own experiences of the issues and the problems we have discussed and support each other emotionally. PSHE has been a fantastic addition to our daily school routine.” – Y11 Student

"I like doing PSHE because I like doing class discussions and sharing my ideas with my teacher and my classmates." Year 9 student

What HABS staff say about PSHE

“I really enjoy teaching PSHE because I love building relationships with my students through interesting and impassioned conversations outside of my subject. What I enjoy the most is the range of ideas and viewpoints that my class bring to the discussion and how respectful they can be of beliefs that they had not been aware of or ones that diverge from their own. This has really shone through when discussing more sensitive topics such as gender and racial discrimination and it was great to see so many students reflecting on their own ideologies, experiences and the way society is and listening so intently to what I, and one another, had to say.” – Y7 PSHE Teacher

“The enthusiasm from Y7 students in PSHE classes is fantastic! We use lots of brainstorming to gather our class opinion together. My Y7 students have strengthened their communication and respectful discussion skills - every opinion and question is listened to and valued!” – Y7 PSHE Teacher

“I really enjoy teaching PSHE because I love building relationships with my students through interesting and impassioned conversations outside of my subject." Year 7 PSHE Teacher

“I have really enjoyed teaching PSHE lessons this year. I think that PSHE is such a vital part of the education of our young people. I have enjoyed educating students on the knowledge they need to develop into conscientious and considerate citizens, equipping them with the skills needed to succeed in society (outside of traditional academia). My favourite modules to teach with Y10 this year have been the money and careers modules. When I was at school we were never taught about the practicalities of managing money – it’s exciting to be able to equip the next generation with this knowledge. The careers module has sparked a lot of interest in the students who have been really engaged in learning about all the different possibilities and opportunities of post-16 education.” – Y10 PSHE Teacher

“PSHE has created a safe and stimulating environment in which pupils are empowered to discuss wellbeing and life matters and skills. These conversations allow pupils to become well-rounded citizens as well as create a sense of community with their class and teacher.” – Y11 PSHE Teacher