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Ace volleyball festival . 60 young people having a smashing time with


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We had another brilliant show today with a wonderful group of students from , with a mini visit from and the amazing facilitating a workshop afterwards! Thank you so much to everyone for coming, we loved hearing your thoughts! 🌟


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Harris Dulwich Boys and are in the top 20 schools in the UK, according to the Fair Secondary School Index – a new way of measuring students’ progress which aims to take their backgrounds into account. Find out more


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Here are some of our brilliant students heading to and this year. Many are the first in their family to attend university and all have beaten extraordinary odds to get there. We are so proud of them and wish them every happiness and success.


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Meet Ashleigh, previously an English tutor and copy editor, now training to teach English at


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Exam Invigilators and Scribes required .Apply now


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It was fantastic to start with completing the The winning team came up with a great idea


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Well done! Tom Harriott EdD student and will also present his work


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Harris Academy Battersea are looking for an Achievement Director for Business and Economics. Apply now


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Our is Harris Academy Battersea! We're thrilled to get to work closely alongside this successful Academy to offer their facilities for community use and hire. To take a detailed look at what they can offer please visit..


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Great work from , whose overall P8 is a very impressive 0.49. in particular stands out with a stunning score of 1.26.


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Happy Friday . We have our 3rd visit locked down and it's at the famous ! It's your chance to learn from one of the most successful turnaround schools, now rated outstanding.


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Lovely to see our Scholars here for the second Regional Training Day . Thank you to and for hosting school visits. It is wonderful to see the Scholars really engage with the programme.


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Find out how pupils at are finding Latin, as over 400 students embark on the subject


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Congratulations for winning our U14 🏀 Girls Basketball yesterday. Good luck in Representing in London School Games final.


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Students from and taking advantage of the CV surgery and job advice from the mentors 😁


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. once again had some brilliant results: , Harris St Johns Wood, and had great P8 scores of 0.34, 0.58, 0.89 and 1.27 respectively.


Well done to our Year 9 Boys' Football Team who have secured a place in the final of the Wandsworth League. The final is this Wednesday at Southfields and they'll be playing against Ernest Bevin. We wish them all the best of luck.


Students Secure Second Place at Wandsworth Athletics Championships - Latest News - Harris Academy Battersea


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Posted on December 2nd 2019

"Time to Abandon the Coast?" Geography Students Enjoy University-Style Lecture

Geog Lecture 3A level and GCSE Geographers recently attended a lecture by Dr Chris Spencer of UWE Bristol, entitled, ‘Sea level rise, time to abandon the coast? Or do geographers have the answer?’

The lecture offered an up-to-date academic perspective on the challenges which we face due to climate change and sea level rise. For Year 13 Geographers it was an excellent review of much of what they learnt last year in the A Level ‘Coastal Landscapes and Change’ unit whilst for Year 11 it was an opportunity to get exposure to higher level content and a fantastic opportunity to experience a university-style lecture.

The lecture began with Dr Chris Spencer presenting the sea level rise scenarios which we will be facing over the coming century, placing these within the historical context of the 125 metres of sea level rises which the Earth has experienced since the glacial maximum of the last ice age 18,000 years ago.

He presented a plethora of evidence which means it is likely we will see up to 1 metre of sea level rise by the end of the century, whilst parts of the UK's Eastern coastline are experiencing sinking of land, exacerbating localised sea level rise further in these areas.

Geography job opportunities

He then discussed the challenges and decisions which this will present to us as a country and how this will lead to higher taxation for all, thus affecting everyone, not just those living in coastal areas at risk of flooding. He also discussed management strategies and how an integrated approach, taking environmental, economic and social coastal values into consideration can lead to sustainable shoreline management in the future.

Finally, Dr Chris Spencer concluded by talking of how the study of Geography can lead to job opportunities in the field of coastal management within organisations such as The Environment Agency or local councils. He stressed the role which Geographers can play in viewing issues synoptically, acting as the bridge between groups at different poles such as engineers and the environmentalists and raised some important points about how we will have to adapt and spend more on coastal management in the future as an inevitable result of climate change.

Overall the lecture was a success and both Year 11 and our A Level students gained some fascinating insights into the UKs coastal management from an academic at the top of his field.

Mr Farrell