An incredible achievement by Gyalpo Dongo Aguirre who will be making America great again by studying Physics and Computer Science at Well done, Gyalpo!


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Fantastic results, Neha! Welcome to community and !


Well done to Neha Yasin for achieving 4 A*s today. She will be reading Physics . We wish you all the best for the next stage in your life!


Well done to all students in Year 13 today. We’re really proud of all of your achievements and you have shown great resilience in such a challenging year.


Huge congratulations to Amgad Salih who is on his way to to read Economics. We’re so proud of you!


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Admin Officer in Info/Apply:


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There are only 2 days left for eligible families to register for Free School Meals and access support through the COVID Summer Food Fund. - RT and find out more here:


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Calling all students from , , , and who joined the virtual workshop earlier today - here's a reminder of the simple advice to check the sources in an online news story 👇


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'Is it REAL?' The question we asked to students from , , , , and who joined us for our navigating news workshop earlier today. Thanks to Team for organising!


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Come on Take on Ru's Boccia Challenge- let's see what you have in your locker!


Meet the staff at HABS. First up is the incredible Mr Reid, Year Lead for Year 7: Tweet us if you have any questions for him!


Dear parents and guardians. Click here if you would like the details for uniform purchase and for a checklist of what to buy for September:


Please check the Transition pages of our website for all updates and news for the incoming Year 7 students: There is a page for parents and a page for students. We are VERY excited to meet you all!


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Dr Elaheh Gholami is our participant this week! She joined RIS in 2018 & teaches


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and the maths team have made a YouTube channel with videos that link directly to our curriculum. This will be brilliant in suppporthing the students at home. Keep looking for updates over the coming weeks


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Here’s our ‘Guide To Staying Home...In Style’ resource for students & families. Please feel free to use.


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PLEASE RETWEET: with 36,000 families at our schools in London and Essex, we want to supply food parcels for those in need (on top of free school meals which we’re already doing). We’ll fully fund this but URGENTLY need a supermarket chain to help.


A huge thank you to Steve Nine Elms in for giving us some free Easter eggs for our staff at the end of a very challenging week. We greatly appreciate the work you and your colleagues are doing at this time.


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Ace volleyball festival . 60 young people having a smashing time with

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Posted on December 2nd 2019

"Time to Abandon the Coast?" Geography Students Enjoy University-Style Lecture

Geog Lecture 3A level and GCSE Geographers recently attended a lecture by Dr Chris Spencer of UWE Bristol, entitled, ‘Sea level rise, time to abandon the coast? Or do geographers have the answer?’

The lecture offered an up-to-date academic perspective on the challenges which we face due to climate change and sea level rise. For Year 13 Geographers it was an excellent review of much of what they learnt last year in the A Level ‘Coastal Landscapes and Change’ unit whilst for Year 11 it was an opportunity to get exposure to higher level content and a fantastic opportunity to experience a university-style lecture.

The lecture began with Dr Chris Spencer presenting the sea level rise scenarios which we will be facing over the coming century, placing these within the historical context of the 125 metres of sea level rises which the Earth has experienced since the glacial maximum of the last ice age 18,000 years ago.

He presented a plethora of evidence which means it is likely we will see up to 1 metre of sea level rise by the end of the century, whilst parts of the UK's Eastern coastline are experiencing sinking of land, exacerbating localised sea level rise further in these areas.

Geography job opportunities

He then discussed the challenges and decisions which this will present to us as a country and how this will lead to higher taxation for all, thus affecting everyone, not just those living in coastal areas at risk of flooding. He also discussed management strategies and how an integrated approach, taking environmental, economic and social coastal values into consideration can lead to sustainable shoreline management in the future.

Finally, Dr Chris Spencer concluded by talking of how the study of Geography can lead to job opportunities in the field of coastal management within organisations such as The Environment Agency or local councils. He stressed the role which Geographers can play in viewing issues synoptically, acting as the bridge between groups at different poles such as engineers and the environmentalists and raised some important points about how we will have to adapt and spend more on coastal management in the future as an inevitable result of climate change.

Overall the lecture was a success and both Year 11 and our A Level students gained some fascinating insights into the UKs coastal management from an academic at the top of his field.

Mr Farrell